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Manual test procedure



1. Place the PoCo-Plate on the cylinder head by inserting positioning pins into the fitting bores.
2. Tighten fixing screw to fasten the PoCo-Plate.
3. Screw in the PoCo-Gauge into the thread for the spark plug and tighten with a torque wrench.
4. Read the position of the spark plug on the scale.




Inspection of positional accuracy of the PoCo-Gauge


The PoCo-Gauge and the PoCo-Gauge Master are preset by EMUGE. For a self-check of the PoCo-Gauge the PoCo-Gauge Master is required.

The PoCo-Gauge is screwed into the PoCo-Gauge Master and tightened with a specified torque. The marking lines indicate the actual state of the PoCo-Gauge working gauge and they must be between new condition (Go)
and wear limit (No-Go).

In case of deviations, the PoCo-Gauge and PoCo-Gauge Master must be returned to EMUGE for readjustment and certification.

Automatic inspection procedure with the PoCo-Gauge 3D

During testing in a 3D measuring machine a PoCo-Gauge 3D is screwed into each spark plug thread and tightened with a specifi ed torque (recommended 5 Nm).
The angular position is measured in the combustion area. The positional angle is determined by scanning the orientation surface.


A detailed description of the used test control units and utilities you can find here