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There is an increasing number of demands in the production of internal threads with specified starting position. For example, this applies to automatic screwing processes of switches, sensors or electronic plugs where the radial orientation has a direct impact on function.


There are also requirements for threads with specified starting position in engine constructions. For example, in the assembly of spark plugs, the position of the ground electrode relative to the thread is specified, which results in better combustion thus reducing the emission limit values. The PoCoSys programme was developed especially for the production and inspection of spark plug threads with specified thread start. It enables the manual inspection of threads directly on the production machine or a machine conducted test of threads on 3D measuring machines.


All components are perfectly matched to each other – from the tool holder via the threading tools to the setting gauges and test equipment.

A magnified image of the cylinder head shows the plane surface, which serves as reference point for the spark plug thread. The start of the thread in this case is at the top (orange marking).
This is also coordinated with the spark plug manufacturer, who in turn offers the spark plug with a tighter tolerance.


Machining examples:

  • Spark plug threads

  • Threads for automatic screwing

  • Threads for sensors

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