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Synchronised machine axes of the CNC- machining center

A tool-presetting machine is necessary only in connection with the thread production or if a PoCo-Bush is used

No special tapping cycle necessary

Thread cutting and/or thread forming

Only for spindle adaptions HSK available at the moment



The core hole does not differ from the conventional thread. Only the plane surface (in this case the reference surface) must be precisely manufactured.


Economic Efficiency

The economy of the PoCoSys results from the quick and easy-to-use manual position-oriented thread testing. In addition, no workpieces need to be used more than “setting piece”. Due to the tool presetting, position-oriented threads can be machined from the first component.

Areas of Application

Basically, the PoCoSys is universally useable

The stop plate is always customized to the component to be machined

In general, the PoCoSys makes sense wherever the thread entry must have a defined radial position.

Machining Cycles

For the production of threads with a defined starting position no special threading cycle is necessary.

Thus, a conventional synchronous threading cycle can be used. It is important that the safety distance must always be divisible by the thread pitch and the cycle always begins in the same angular position.


Standard taps, forming taps or thread milling cutters can be used, thus no special tools necessary. All components are specially adapted to EMUGE tools.


PoCoSys Tool Holder PoCo-Synchro

The machine-side adaption takes place via a special tool holder with collet chuck.


Characteristics of the PoCo-Synchro:


HSK Shank Type T (narrowed tolerance of the keyway)
Non-positive, rigid clamping via cylindrical ER collet

Axial length audjustment screw, configurable for emulsion or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

Slim design