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FAQ –  Questions and answers regarding the PoCoSys


What does the name PoCoSys mean?

  • The name PoCoSys means “Position Control System”

Who invented the new test technology and developed the PoCoSys?

  • EMUGE is the inventor and developer of PoCoSys.

Is the PoCoSys only available from EMUGE?

  • Yes, only from EMUGE.

What are the advantages of the PoCoSys?

  • Time savings
  • Checking the thread start directly on the production machine
  • Independent of the procedure (Tapping or cold forming)

How big is the time advantage of PoCoSys over measuring on 3D measuring machines?

  • The time advantage is up to 90%.

To which customers will the PoCoSys be of interest?

  • The PoCoSys is particularly interesting when the start of a thread must have a certain position and thus has a direct effect on the position of the component to be screwed.

Is the PoCoSys already in use in series production?

  • It is already successfully and reliably used by well-known car manufacturers.

Is a special threading cycle necessary?

  • No, all conventional synchronous threading cycles can be used.

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