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PoCo-Gauge Box

Box with set of thread gauges for manual position inspection

The components of the PoCo-Gauge Box enable the manual position inspection of threads with specified start position directly on the workpiece at the production machine. No additional devices or measuring machines are required.
The easy handling facilitates the continuous inspection at the machine and thereby helps to recognise deviations at an early stage.
This results in time and resource savings compared to inspections with 3D measuring machines.

Limit plate with scale

Optionally, it is possible to provide the stop plate with plastic protective strips, spring-loaded screws for fixing, etc.

Thread plug gaugee GO (wokring gauge) with position sleeve – PoCo-Gauge

Master gauge (check and adjustment gauge) for PoCo-Gauge – PoCo-Gauge Master

A stand with protective cap for the PoCo-Gauge Master is optionally available as accessory.

Customer benefits

  • Savings up to 90° compared to measuring with a measuring machine
  • Thread inspection with a thread plug gauge GO
  • Gauging independent of pitch diameter
  • Practical inspection of thread position relative to flat face
  • No reclamping of workpiece necessary
  • Easy handling, no time-consuming instruction required
  • Immediate reading of spark plug position
  • Integration into certifi cation cycle possible
  • Customer specific adaptation of inspection system to workpiece



PoCo-Gauge 3D

Special thread plug gauge GO for inspection of thread position on measuring machine

1. Orientation surface (position-oriented touch surface)
2. Thread plug gauge GO
3. Contact surface serves as reference plane
4. Hex shank for torque wrench

For documentation and quality inspection purposes of threads with specified starting point, the tests are conducted on 3D measuring machines in addition
to manual inspection.

Customer benefits

  • Thread position inspection with special thread plug gauge GO PoCo-Gauge 3D
  • In spection in measuring machine independent of pitch diameter thanks to scanning the surface with specified position
  • Practical inspection of thread position relative to flat surface
  • Delivered with inspection certifi cate, therefore integration into customer’s certification cycle is possible
  • Production according to customer-specific requirement




Position-setting bush to determine the angular position of the tool



Axial position ball

Radial position ball

Stop face

Correction value for C-axis

Correction value for Z-axis

Design with internal plastic sleeve avoids damage to the tool

The correct positioning of tools is very time-consuming when cutting or cold-forming threads with specified start position.
The position-setting bush PoCo-Bush makes this an easy and accurate procedure. Thanks to the PoCo-Bush the angular position of tools relative to the index notch of HSK shanks can be determined in few steps with a presetting device. Afterwards the values of the presetting device can be entered directly into the machine control unit.
Together with the special collet holder for threading tools PoCo-Synchro the angle can be determined with an accuracy of smaller 5° and as a result the production of threads with specified start position is possible.

Customer benefits

  • Practical determination of start position of thread
  • Easy handling
  • Eliminates time-consuming measuring of taps/cold-forming taps
  • No additional marking of tools and holders necessary
  • Angular position (C-axis) can be determined without modifying the CNC programme, only with length adjustment of tool
  • Design with internal plastic sleeve avoids damage to the tool
  • With integrated ratchet, therefore no additional torque wrench required
  • Correct start position from the first thread




Collet holder for threading tools with a drive slot of tighter tolerance for improved angular accuracy

Space-saving clamping nut with collet and sealing disc

Prepared for modular length adjustment screws

Internal coolant supply (IKZ) or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

Hollow taper shank with drive slot of tighter tolerance

Without length adjustment – “rigid” design

In order to optimise tool guidance it is recommended to use the collet holder for threading tools PoCo-Synchro with hollow taper shank HSK-T according to DIN 69893-7 respectively ISO 12164-3.
A drive slot with tighter tolerance guarantees the highest possible accuracy in the production of threads with specified start position and at the same time reduces any positional deviation to a minimum. As a result, an angular accuracy smaller 5° is possible.

Customer benefits

  • Consistent positioning and repeatability thanks to tighter tolerance of drive slot
  • Space-saving collet Hi-Q/ERMC with ER collet and sealing disk
  • Modular design, prepared for IKZ or MQL length adjustment screw
  • For use with internal coolant supply (IKZ) up to 50 bar or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)